Odes to Anatomies - Wendy Trusler
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Ode to Trust

Anatomy text, beeswax, text excerpts, stones, glass bottle, core sample


Private Collection

Ode to Composure

Anatomy text, beeswax, text excerpts, iron, glass bottles, milkweed


Private Collection

Ode to Grace

Anatomy text, beeswax, text excerpts, lace, iron rings, pinecones, wish bone


Collection Art Gallery of Peterborough

Ode to Spirit


Anatomy text, beeswax, text excerpts metal, tacks

Ode to Serenity

Anatomy text, beeswax, text excerpts, wire, wrench, nails, tacks, milkweed seeds


Collection Art Gallery of Peterborough

Ode to Soul

Anatomy text, beeswax, text excerpts, photographs, MRI image, hair, pigeon egg, burl wood knot, iron frame, stove part, clip


Private Collection

Ode to Strength

Anatomy text, beeswax, text excerpts, ruler, level, jaw brace, tacks, iron nail, iron clip, stove parts, anatomical drawings, x-rays, nails, hinges and railway spikes


Private Collection

Ode to Epiphany

Anatomy text, beeswax, text excerpts, wood, leaves, tacks, iron clips, painter’s box, wheels, brass handle, moose bones, ski binding, barnacles, bridgework, bulldog clip


Private Collection

Odes to Anatomies



Eight altered anatomy texts, text excerpts, natural materials, found objects, shelves made from salvaged trim



Odes to Anatomies was inspired by insights into the body as carrier of memory. Each of the altered anatomy texts depicts a different individual’s medical history: stroke and cancer survivors; a man living with diabetes; a young woman living with lupus, another with chronic pain—each ode addresses memory lost and pays tribute to the ways in which our bodies accommodate, “rewire” and rejuvenate.


Exhibition History:

Niagara Artists Company/Centre, St. Catharines, ON, 2003

A Space Gallery, Toronto, ON, 2004

Artsweek Peterborough, Peterborough ON, 2006

Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Bowmanville, ON, 2009


Photo Credits: Sandy Nicholson


Scroll down for images and descriptions of all pieces in this Series.