16 - Wendy Trusler
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Still Ice

1995 -2015

Archival Inkjet Prints on 310gsm Acid Free Hahnemühle Etching Paper in limited editions of five.


“Throughout the austral summer of 1996, Trusler worked as a cook in Antarctica.This experience laid the foundation for much of her art making …

Still Ice is the first exhibition of photographs from that summer— an account of both the everyday and the extraordinary in still life moments, portraits and landscapes. Until recently, most of these images languished on contact sheets, now worn and marked with hints of projects in the making.

Re-photographed from the original sheets, the images carry the mood and patina from years of storage and handling. They speak of Trusler’s Antarctic experience at the end of the century, however are unsure of which century they belong to—1996 or 1896. Trusler’s photographs recall Frank Hurley’s images of the Shackleton expedition, yet also hint at the worn and abused surfaces of Mike and Doug Starn’s early work. They are both a personal archive and contemporary report of a most unique continent devoted to peace and science.”

—Paolo Fortin, Curator, Evans Contemporary.