09 - Wendy Trusler
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Another Kind of Dance, One & Two—Clip

Another Kind of Dance, One and Two



“Sculpture like dance has rhythm and poise and if you see a fisherman wrestling with a rope

and his nets in a high sea, that is a another equally marvellous kind of dance.”

—Barbara Hepworth


Another Kind of Dance, One (12 mins) is a DVD compilation video (made with super 8 and 16mm footage) with audio, viewed on a flat screen TV installed in a wood stove. Another Kind of Dance, Two (6 mins, 37 s) is a DVD video projection with audio. Both videos serve to animate the mixed media bookwork Dancing in a Northern Kitchen (1995-2003).


When creating Dancing in a Northern Kitchen I was drawn to the accordion form for the way it allowed me compose two-dimensional spaces. The horizontal flow of images and text gave a structure to my exploration of memory. And the stacking of chapters in groupings enabled me to highlight vertical links through dance steps. Acting on an impulse to explore the work’s sculptural potential, I installed the chapters on the floor. They seemed to want to move. Having Dancing in a Northern Kitchen dance in a short film seemed a natural progression.



Music Credits — Another Kind of Dance, One:

“Laces & Holes” and “Enigma of a Gumboot”

from the album These Are Our Shoes

composed and performed by Peggy Lee –cello and

Dylan van der Schyff – drums

with the kind permission of Peggy Lee and

Dylan van der Schyff.


Music Credits — Another Kind of Dance, Two:

“Walk Home”

from the album The Peggy Lee Band

composed by Peggy Lee

performed by

The Peggy Lee Band:

Brad Turner – trumpet and flugelhorn

Jeremy Berkman – trombone

Peggy Lee – cello

Tony Wilson -electric guitar

Chris Tarry – electric bass

Dylan van der Schyff – drums, drum machine, electronics

with the kind permission of Peggy Lee.


This project was supported by the Ontario Arts Council.


Exhibition and Screenings History:

Rails End Gallery, Haliburton, ON, 2008

ReFrame International Film Festival, Peterborough, ON, 2009

Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Bowmanville, ON, 2009