08 - Wendy Trusler
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42 encaustic on panel paintings (4×4 inches each),

end table, dictionary and magnifying glass


My response to a Valentine themed exhibition curated by Peterborough artist Jess Rowland.


Side by side at times,

staggered and diverging at others,

intersecting at points along the way—some tracks are obscured, others are straight, clear and true.


My thinking was (and is) ski tracks can be a metaphor for the course of any relationship. For many reasons I called this suite Bound.


bound (bound), v.i. 1 to move with a leap or series of leaps 2. to spring back …

bound (bound), past tense and past participle of bind. adj. 1. confined by binding, tied. 2. closely connected or related 3. certain; destined 4. under compulsion; obliged as in he’s legally bound to do it 5. provided with a binding or cover, as a book 6. [Colloq.], determined; resolved: as, despite risk, he was bound to go.

bound up in ( or with) 1. Deeply devoted to. 2. Implicated or involved in.

bound (bound), adj. going; headed (often with for or to ): as, bound for home.


Exhibition History:

Peterborough Arts Umbrella, Peterborough, ON, 2008


Photo Credits: William Wilson