02 - Wendy Trusler
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Antarctic Chronicles at Gallery 1313

Antarctic Chronicles



94 encaustic on slate (roofing tile) paintings, sconces made from metal discards, nails and tart tins, tea lights, charts, maps, bottles, planks, crates made from pallets, chapbooks


Antarctic Chronicles grew out of insights gained through journal-keeping while working as a cook on an ecological project in Antarctica. Inscribed with lace-like text, images hover between abstraction and representation to evoke shifting ways of knowing. Illuminated by candles, the installation is a meditation on the fragility of the environment and the fragility of memory.


At Gallery 1313, in early winter, votive candles and tea lights warmed the gallery, transforming it into a refuge. Whereas the musty, waterlogged, partially frozen barn-boards I used to shutter windows and line the floor at White Water Gallery cooled the gallery during a spring heat-wave. Anticipating and creating opportunities for elements that cannot necessarily be controlled is an area of increasing interest in my work.


Antarctic Chronicles was supported by the Ontario Arts Council.


Exhibition History:

Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON,1998

White Water Gallery, North Bay ON, 2000

Visual Art Centre of Clarington, Bowmanville, ON, 2009


Photo Credits: Jean-Michel Komarnicki, Wayne Eardley